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naruto uzumaki, hinata hyuuga
Current Residence: Konoha
Favourite style of art: Manga!
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:iconmooona-chan:: Aaah, I'm really really sorry for the delay guys! I've been really busy. But, now the entries have closed, and it's time to vote! Make sure you all vote for your favourite entry <a href="…>here. Just leave a comment on that journal saying who you'd like to vote for or you can send us a note, it's up to you :)

REMINDER: Dont leave a joining note on the front page or I'll miss it~!

:star:New Members::star:

Meow-Sasuke Brandymac16 Evanna-chan Isakk

:star:New Affiliates::star:



  • You must be obsessed with, love, or at least like the pairing of Naruto and Hinata from the anime series Naruto.
    • No bashing and/or flaming other members.
      • No chainletters or Tags to the club, please.
        • Mature pictures are okay to some extent, but nothing too graphic. (If your not sure whether or not your picture is too mature, contact the club or one of the mods or the owner.)
          • No stealing.
            • No flaming anti-NaruHina clubs! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

              If you have any questions, please contact the club or one of the mods or the owner.


              If you have read the rules, and would like to join, please send a note the the club titled 'Join'. You also have to add the club to you deviantWATCH list. Make sure the 'Journals' box is ticked so that you will be notified of any updates. You must also add the club to your journal or signature.

              • For the icon, put : iconnaruxhina-club : without the spaces.
                • For just the text, put : devnaruxhina-club : without the spaces.

                  NOTE: Icons will not show up in your signature.
                  One of the moderators will add you to the members list as soon as they can.
                  PLEASE don't ask to join on the profile comments, because after the club died and such, we don't know which are old, which have been responded to etc. So, make sure you send us a NOTE.


                  If you would like to submit anything, please send a note to the club with a link to the peice you would like to submit. We except pretty much anything, fanart, fanfiction, AMVs etc.


                  The owner and founder of the naruxhina-club is:

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Why not a new contest?!
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Check out my journal. It's NaruHina related
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have you considered making this a group? :confused:
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I can join plz! :heart:
Onnegai! :D
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I want to join. I'm A hardcore NaruHina fan. Fuck NaruSaku, Fuck SasuHina, Fuck KibaHina, Fuck NejiHina, Fuck NaruSasu
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NARUHINA! [link]
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may i join??
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can i join? :D
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